Sunday, December 13, 2009

Hawaii Shoot with Erihana!

Okay, I've been looking forward to this day since the first time I saw Hanale's daughter on Facebook. She is the cutest little girl ever! Each time they came over and I got to know her better just made me want to take her photo more and more. Getting some time with her quickly became one of my major "to do" items while here.

The day I arrived in Hawaii I began making mental notes of all the beautiful places I could take her for the shoot. Hanale and Erica were great to let me pick her up one afternoon after school and I was thrilled to take her to almost all of them! We started in Waikiki, then went up to a park in Manoa, next to Maunawili Falls, then this great fence I'd been obsessing over for months, next we hit up the Quarry, Lanikai Beach and Kailua Beach.

We finished with some lollipops and a cookie pit stop since Erihana was SOOOOOOOOO GOOD! She really was the perfect model. Reminding me several times she knew what she was doing since she'd been "practicing her poses." What a doll! So 3 hours and 4 wardrobe changes later we were done and with some amazing shots in hand.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Off to Hawaii!

Well, I'm off to paradise. I've got a couple fun shoots lined up and am anxious to work on other side projects still in the development phase. Stay tuned for updates and feel free to contact me for a shoot if you're in Kailua or on Oahu!

Friday, October 23, 2009

The Pond with a favorite family of mine!

I was so excited I was able to squeeze this shoot in before heading out to Hawaii. We'd been talking about it and scheduling for it but the days and the weather were not cooperating. We finally got together on the most beautiful Sunday and everything aligned just right. We had a great time over at the pond. As always Laurie came through with the kids dressed impeccably. It doesn't get much cuter than this.

Check out this beautiful brood.

It's always nice to have a bigger group like this. Having more people for everyone to interact with allows for more natural expressions in the shots. One thing you probably couldn't tell from the pictures is that there are two sets of twins in the bunch which just makes for more fun!!

I love this next shot of all of them with their favorite little friend. So cute. What a great thought to have them each bring their little buddy. Way to go Laurie!

I love Hannah's expression in this shot. So cute.

I'd been wanting to do something with balloons or bubbles for awhile and thought this might be a good opportunity to give it a try. I knew they'd all be wearing black white and red so I picked up some white and red balloons on the way over and it seemed to be a hit. More adorable expressions...I can't get enough of these kids.

The Proud Parents.

A mama's boy through and through in only the sweetest sense of it.

Dad's got quite a following himself.

I love this family.
Thanks for letting me take your pictures!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My Goofy Godson

First of all, my friends have the most beautiful babies. I'm so lucky that one of them is my Godson. I've been wanting to take pictures of him and his precious 10 month old sister for a ling time and was thrilled to finally get the chance. The opportunity didn't come without it's challenges...T, who we're convinced is on his way to becoming the class clown was the goofiest and fastest moving I've ever seen him. We caught a couple good ones of the two of them.

Are they not the sweetest??

She takes my breath away.

I love this last one. That's my boy!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

My new favorite place to shoot...

A fun session this week with some great friends. They chose Sully Plantation to do the photos and it is now my new favorite location. Great scenery with trees and trails. The textures of brick buildings, log cabins and wood stairs. SO GREAT! What was even better was the subjects. What a beautiful family. See for yourself.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Shoot - Aaron & Erica

Yay for adorable kids that make me look good! I had a great time with Hannah and her beautiful children this last week. Aaron, a natural model is incapable if taking a bad picture! He is stunning in every single one.

He's got the eyes of an old soul.

Then there's Erica who was doing the old, "I'm gonna ignore the person with the camera" trick. She's hilarious and full of so many faces.

This may be my favorite. Her "stranger face" she made when a worker in the park was walking by. She is so cute!

We also got some good ones with mom...