Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Where else do you get a backdrop like this?

On another trip out west to catch up with friends we did a shoot capture one of my favorite boys, Luc. We wanted to get some fun ones of him on this breathtaking Mountain Ridge where he gets to grow up. You never know how long you'll be in a certain place but you can bet in the next one your front yard probably wont look like this so we had to capture it.

While we were at it we thought we'd try to get something for this years Christmas card with the whole Fam Dam! These are my favorites.
Here's Luc teaching little Roman what a great friend a grasshopper can be!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Gallery at Salon Nordine & Day Spa

I am beyond thrilled to announce the opening of my Portrait Gallery in the Reston Town Center of Reston, VA. Portraits showcasing my work as well as beautiful finishing and display possibilities are now on display at the renowned Salon Nordine & Day Spa on Freedom Drive.

Salon Nordine has been featured for its beauty & excellence by various prestigious magazines including American Spa Magazine, Washingtonian, and The Day Spa Magazine who named Salon Nordine among the top 12 spas in the country and more specifically the “Top Spa Design" in 2005.

Nordine Elabassi is originally from Morocco. The only one from his immediate family to come to the US where he put himself through school and opened his first hair salon in Vienna, VA. After conquering the world of hair he took on the relaxation realm and now has multiple thriving salon & spa locations in Northern Virginia, including Gainesville and Reston. Each location is well known for the variety of services offered as well as the matchless staff that keep clients coming back for years. They are truly some of the most kind hearted people I've ever had the privilege to work with.

Nordine is not only a talented stylist, brilliant business man, and doting dad, he’s also a great friend. I am deeply grateful for both his friendship over the years and this amazing opportunity to present my work in his breathless Salon and along side his respected Brand Image.

Work will be displayed indefinitely at this time. Stop by anytime to see my work first hand, explore elegant display and finishing options, check out fun product ideas or for the best hair cut & mani/pedi in the DC Metro area.

Come check it out today!

Salon Nordine & Day Spa

1955 Freedom Drive, Reston VA 20190

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Chi-Town Sunrise

Here are some shots from a fun shoot we did in Chicago. I've always wanted to a sunrise shoot and on opportunity to do one with Lake Michigan was not an opportunity I was going to let pass by. Here Whitney and I are trying to get ready and beat the sunrise to the Lake.
Luckily we did! This is my favorite we got with the water.
The lighting was just killer and made for some more amazing beauty shots in cool nooks we found around the pier.
For those of you familiar with Chicago you probably recognize the Ferris Wheel from Navy Pier. We were lucky to have got some fun shots there on the fair grounds before Security's first shift of the day started showing up.

This was another neat location our driver found for us when we told him we wanted some cool sketchy alley ways.
You can see him waiting anxiously in the background there...about to give us the signal to wrap it up!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Look Out Tyson Beckford!

PJ just signed with a new modeling agency and needed some fresh shots for his portfolio. Memorize that face (it shouldn't be too hard) and be on the lookout!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

"Oozing of Emotion" Factor

Nearing the top of the list of reasons children are the greatest things in this world and I aspire to be more like them is what I call the "Oozing of Emotion Factor." I love that kids are all about their feelings and that they just own them completely as demonstrated below through the body language and deep telling eyes of Rachelle. Whether it's her uneasiness with the camera's presence at first...

...shock and hurt feelings from a comment her cousin made about her beloved stuffed dog...
...or her desire to just soak everything in...
...she's so alive and overflowing with emotion and I just can't get enough of those eyes!
I think I feel a new business card coming on!

I want to eat her up!!!

Here's Addison...the apple of all the eyes that get a glance of her royal cuteness. Including yours...am I right?

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Welcome to the World Adam!

Well you saw his beautiful mom baring her belly in full bloom about a month ago and now he's here! Definitely the most calm pleasant baby I've ever photographed and the first on record to not have peed on any of my backdrops or props! We're gonna get along just find little friend.