Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Grant's first trip to the Train Tracks

Grant loves him some trains so we thought taking him to see real train tracks for the first time would be a fun shoot location and a nice change of pace for him from his dozens and dozens of Thomas train sets.

He's on Grandpa's shoulders and spots something on the ground so of course they need to stop and investigate. We weren't to the tracks yet where the shoot would technically "start" but when I turn to see what the hold up is the light came through the trees just right so...train tracks or no train tracks, the photo shoot starts NOW. I love catching moments like this.

It's a good thing we just got going cause look at all these great ones we got on the way.

Grant loved seeing Thomas in his natural habitat. : )
My Favorites.
This next one may be a favorite as well. This is when he learned the hard way that Trains run on tracks and not your head. We tried to untangle the train but after a little while decided it was time to head home.
I love this shot of Grandpa carrying him and trying to keep the train from pulling too hard on his hair. A very memorable shoot.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Comey Christmas Card

Hello all, I just wanted to share with you what I'm currently patting myself on the back for. It's my sister's Christmas card. We had some great shots we wanted to use for her Christmas card but no template we came across was doing them justice so we decided to create our own and I LOVE IT! It's now a template I've saved and can offer in years to come.

We decided on a 5x7 wide format folded card and put the lyrics to Christmas songs like, Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas and O Holy Night in gold text onto a black background which just looked great with their black background photos. Then we erased some of the background from their images so more song lyrics could come through. I think it turned out pretty good. Let me know if you are interested in your own custom designed Holiday Cards or Announcements!


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Hunter the Aviator

Meet sweet baby Hunter who already shows the calm, patient, go with the flow demeanor of a third born.
After almost an hour of shooting I told his mom how surprised I was that he was still awake and so alert. We started to worry we weren't going to get any of those sweet sleeping newborn shots and just like that he was out...and we got em!!!

I was so excited I was able to use my new aviator hat and Hunter sure wore it well. So precious!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Soon to be Newlyweds

These two were such good sports you probably can't tell how cold they are...just how happy...but the ice on the stream should give you an idea of how freezing it was this day.

The good thing about being behind the camera is that you can wear as many layers and as huge of a coat as you want but in front of the camera for your engagement shots its a different story and they told it well.
Congratulations Julia & Troy! I can't wait for Bridals!